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Luna: The Soundshare Installation 

Online Interactive Performance for Interaccess' VectorFest

Luna breaks down the distinction between performer and audience member in a live-streamed user-driven concert experience. In a time when physical distancing measures have interrupted experiences of art and live music, Luna examines the possibilities for connection and shared experiences in this interactive and abstract virtual environment.


In this piece, a dark space is activated with light and colour through audio-reactive generative visuals. Using commands in Twitch chat, the audience can sample audio recorded from the unQuartet, a Toronto-based improvising string trio, creating a real-time collaborative audio visual experience.

The work consisted of four 22-minute sessions: Allegro Ma Non Troppo, Adagio-esque, Rondo (or not), and Allegroish-ish. Audience members controlled the sounds played in each session by using the commands listed below. Each command played a different musical gesture. Enter these commands into the Twitch live stream chat (including the hashtag) to create an audio-visual medley.


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