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A Step in Some Direction

I am the sort of person who has a lot of ideas. I love creating worlds in my head, in which music, art, various projects and really anything comes alive. Ideas are the most beautiful stage of the creative process for me, because I can let my mind run away with possibilities without having to get down to the part I hate - the detailed planning part.

I wish there was some magic jump between the idea stage and the physically working on the idea stage. But this period where I (should) plan out the execution of the project, down to the nitty gritty spread sheets and diagrams and price of parts has really yet to be successfully completed. At this point, I usually go one of two ways. I either start my project without planning out all the necessary aspects and the project turns out just fine but far from what I had imagined in my euphoria of the idea stage, or I seek the help of my husband who is a genius wiz at my most hated enemy of life - Microsoft Excel.

This is where I am now. I am working on an sculpture/music idea that will include improvised music by a string quartet that I am a part of, light projection that will react to our music and sounds and all of this will take place in a cube that I will hopefully make. The cube will be constructed with a frame and some sort of mesh or scrim covering the sides. The musicians and projector are inside the cube with the light projections shining through. The audience will see a cube that creates sound and visuals and is somehow...alive?

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