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Meghan creates artwork in the form of light sculptures, projection mapping or screen-based work for festivals, concerts, galleries, and retail businesses.  Her work is interactive and data based, in that she takes real world elements such as audio, motion and web and social media activity and uses that data to drive visual elements.   Meghan aims to make digital content that feels tangible, relatable and natural through the use of hand drawn images, photography, acoustic instrumental music as well as generative forms.  She uses programs such as TouchDesigner and Unreal Engine to integrate the data with the visual content.  Meghan has a master's in fine arts from York University (Toronto, ON) and a bachelor of music from Berklee College of Music (Boston, USA).

She has worked with artists like Thin Edge New Music Collective, Francesca Gaza, Sasha Berliner and provided immersive installations for ArtworxTO, Light Up The Square Mississauga, Women From Space Festival, InterAccess’ VectorFest and several other concerts and live performances.  She has been fortunate enough to receive the Ontario Arts Council Chalmer’s Professional Development grant and the Daniels Artscape Foundation Bursary.


Meghan believes in building meaningful relationships with ourselves, each other, and the world around us through shared, imaginative experiences.

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